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Free Udemy Coupon Code - Become an eCommerce Startup

Free Udemy Coupon Code - Become an eCommerce Startup

Free Udemy Coupon Code Become an eCommerce Startup - Finally, eCommerce made Easy! This course helps students develop a broad understanding & appreciation of eCommerce.

Instructor: iMarketer School LONDON

What you'll learn
  • Develop effective eCommerce plan
  • Learn Consumer Rules for eCommerce
  • Find your best eCommerce niche
  • Understand Your Buyer Behaviour
  • Learn dropshipping opportunities
  • Utilize ninja advertising techniques

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7 Sections • 77 Lectures • 1Oh 56m total length

Introduction to eCommerce
Find a Profitable eCommerce Niche
Don't Bother Me with Those Fees
Find a Mentor
Test the Waters for Your Hot Niche
Resources for Your Ecommerce Niche
Hook Them with Disposable Products
Hot Ecommerce Niche That May Burn You
How to Find Hot Niches for Your eCommerce Business
Market Research for Niche Selection
Seasonal Products Can Be Hot Sellers
Where to Find Products for Your Hot Niches

Search Marketing
Introduction Search Marketing
Analyzing Your SEO - Part 1
Analyzing Your SEO - Part 2
Link Building Process
Analytics & SEO
Keyword Analysis - Part 1
Keyword Analysis - Part 2
Search PPC vs Target PPC
What is best for you?
The Science of PPC - Part 1
The Science of PPC - Part 2
Return on Investment

How to Get First Digital Sales
Google's Remarketing Tool
How does it work?
Conversion Optimizer
Facebook Custom Audiences
Google's Network Sites
Ad Extentions & FBs Post Boosters
Micro-Macro Conversions
Six Months Plan
Basic Understanding of JVs & Affiliates
Benefits and Ways of Partnerships
WoM is Powerful
How do you get your message GO Viral? 10 Techniques

Searcher Intent: Make Keywords Work for You
Welcorme on board!
Determining Your User's Scarch Intent
Searcher Intent: Three Major Categories
Keyword Research Today: Semantic Approach
How lo Creale Slemming Keywords
Optimize Your Content for Searcher Intent
Earning Trust Through Your Content
Wrapping up

BONUS: Get Started with Dropshipping
Welcome on board!
What is Dropshipping?
Advantages of Dropshipping
Dropshlpplng Challenges: Finding Partners
Choose a Niche in Dropshipping
Choose a Product for Dropshipping
How to Create Your Brond
Buid Your eCommerce Store
O Pricing & Boosting Sales
Persuasive Content to Increase Sales
In Conclusion

Supplementary materials
Introduclion lo eCormmerce
ZMOT Handbook
New Customer Journey
Selling Online China
Mobile Advertising Handbook
Inlegraling Mobile Stralegy
How Mobile is Changing Your Marketing Strategy
eCommerce Queslions
Dynamic Remarketing Cuide
Guerrilla Marketing Tactics
21 ways lo increase Iraffic
Affiliates & JVs
Adwords Slep by Slep
Guide to Email Marketing