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Overcoming Depression and Bipolar issues

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Instructor: Dr. J's Psychology

Overcoming Depression and Bipolar issues

What you'll learn

  • Several psychotherapeutic techniques for controlling your state of feeling down or discouraged. Methods for helping family or friends recover from a bout with feeling sad or blue for more than a day or so.
  • Ways of understanding mood shifts and the best therapies for coping with feelings involving too much excitement or being manic then depressed.


Understand how to diagnose and treat major depression as well as bipolar conditions. Learn effective techniques for beating the blues and mood swings. Master professional criteria for identifying true depression. Explore five ways that people show signs of mood problems and how long they should last for a disorder to be confirmed. Improve your coping skills. Indicators of bipolar and manic problems will also be covered along with the patterns that spell trouble.

Identify the signs of both depression and mood swings to help you grasp how they evolve and persist. Exercises for applications that help you decide on the best treatments for recovery are included. Finally, review what you learned with a Q&A exercise for checking your memory of the key ideas at the end of the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who cares about psychological topics like moods, shifts in moods or depression. A desire to understand and apply the best psychotherapeutic techniques for relief.