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Free udemy course - Web/Front End/UI Development Beginner - Learn HTML and CSS

Free udemy course - Web/Front End/UI Development Beginner - Learn HTML and CSS - A course for anyone trying to get their feet wet in the world of UI Design/Web Development or Front-end Development

Instructor: Michael Perrone

Free udemy course - Web/Front End/UI Development Beginner - Learn HTML and CSS

What you'll learn

Students will learn two of the three pillars of Web/Front End Development, HTML and CSS. We will start from the absolute beginning, breaking down every line of code in HTML. We then will move on to twenty hours of CSS content. I teach you what you need to know, and don't bother teaching you filler material that you'll never use. You will learn how to create a layout for a website that is responsive and has animations. You will learn how to create navigation bars, dropdown menus, how to include images on your own webpage, and so much more. We will have projects that show us how to solve problems and create solutions that real companies have had to solve. The course is free, give it a shot!


This course was made for anyone who is interested in HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are two of the three pillars of Web Development. Maybe you have just a small interest in Web Development and you want to see what it's all about? I don't blame you, the job market is booming right now. Web Developers are being treated like any other Software Developer now in the work place. But... becoming a Web Developer isn't easy, it takes a lot of work. You don't have to be a genius, I surely am no genius. However, you have to want to learn, to become a better version of yourself. To push yourself everyday to learn something new. That type of person is who this course is for. Someone interested in learning, solving problems, and taking on new challenges. HTML and CSS are two things that are going to help you get started with Web Development.

Not a total beginner? No problem, we cover some intermediate material in this course too. Actually, tons of intermediate material is covered in this course. You will learn to create real website layouts, understanding how real companies solve problems everyday when it comes to building their apps and web pages. We cover things like flex-box, animations, and more! There is something in this course for everyone. I hope you enjoy the course, and I want to thank you for checking it out. I wish you the best on your software development journey :)

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to get started or learn more about CSS HTML and Web Development.