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Free udemy coupon code - Management Consulting: How to Brainstorm Everything

Free udemy coupon code - Management Consulting: How to Brainstorm Everything - The McKinsey tools, strategies, and tips that are easy to use and produce immediate brainstorming results

Instructor: John F. Burress

Free udemy course - Management Consulting: How to Brainstorm Everything

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to brainstorm effectively like a management consultant
  • Master brainstorming techniques to prepare for a case interview
  • Use 2-step brainstorming approach to solve complex business problems
  • Create a brainstorming strategy for your teams


What is brainstorming? Invented in 1948, brainstorming is still the dominant technique when it comes to idea generation. It combines creativity, problem solving, and group discussion.

Unfortunately for creator Alex Osborn, most brainstorms fail before they ever begin. Why? Because the organizer doesn't have a clear picture of the purpose, process, or intended outcome. Many believe that unstructured brainstorming is a tremendous waste of creativity and potential.

Curious about how to brainstorm in a top consulting firm? It's the structured process on everyone's mind. While it's not magic, management consultants use this techniques to save time and find more creative solutions to their customers' needs.

In this course, John Burress brings brainstorming into the modern age, with rules and techniques widely used in management consulting firms that will help you set up and run more-effective creative brainstorming sessions.

I've spent the last 20 years working on complex management consulting projects. From launching new products to entering new markets, to merging two companies, I've seen time and again how difficult it can be, and how important brainstorming is to the success of projects.

20+ Brainstorming cases included:
  • Brainstorm how to increase FedEx parcel revenue within existing market
  • Brainstorm how to increase Burberry sales worldwide
  • Brainstorm what a company should do with excess cash
  • Brainstorm options available for the CEO to expand into electronic publishing
  • Brainstorm the impact of Toronto opening a casino
  • Brainstorm why the number of UK gasoline stations have declined
  • Brainstorm how to increase your salary
  • And a lot more real life cases you'll have in a consulting interview!

I'm excited to share the brainstorming techniques in this course because I know that they will help you pass the case interview, land a great consulting offer, become a better management consultant, and a more valuable asset for the projects you're working on. So let's get started.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed with the people who want to become management consultants in mind
  • This will be extremely useful for any corporate roles who are all brainstorming in some way and who all play a role in generating new ideas and making decisions
  • It's also applicable for entrepreneurs who need to generate a large number of ideas so that they can produce different options for solving their challenges