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Free udemy course - String, StringBuffer & StringBuilder for JAVA Interviews

Free udemy course - String, StringBuffer & StringBuilder for JAVA Interviews - To clear Java interviews with confidence


Free udemy coupon code - String, StringBuffer & StringBuilder for JAVA Interviews

What you'll learn

Student can get much perfection on Java String , StringBuffer and StringBuilder concepts


The student can get complete knowledge on the following topics:

1. Difference between String and StringBuffer:
* Mutability Vs Immutability
* equals() method

2. String Objects Creation : Heap and String Constant Pool(SCP)

3. Importance of String Constant Pool(SCP)

4. Important FAQs on String and StringBuffer

5. Important Constructors of String class

6. Important Methods of String class:
charAt(), concat(), equals(), equalsIgnoreCase()
isEmpty(), length(), replace(), substring()
indexOf(), lastIndexOf(), toLowerCase(), toUpperCase()

7. Important Conclusions about String Immutability

8. Creation of Our Own Immutable Class

9. final vs immutability

10. Need of StringBuffer ?

11. StringBuffer class Constructors

12. Important Methods of StringBuffer class:
length(), capacity(), charAt(), setCharAt(), append()
insert(), delete(), deleteCharAt(),reverse()
setLength(), ensureCapacity(), trimToSize()

13. Need of StringBuilder

14. Differences between StringBuffer and StringBuffer

15. String vs StringBuffer and StringBuilder

16. Method Chaining

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to clear Java Certification
  • Anyone looking to clear Java Interviews
  • Anyone to get perfection on day to day coding requirements on String,StringBuffer and StringBuider Concepts