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Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator

Free udemy coupon code - Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator - Get 7 Years of Filmmaking Experience - Everything from Pre-Production to Editing - in 5 Hours

Instructor: Julian Melanson

Free udemy course Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator

What you'll learn

  • Complete mastery over lenses, lighting, sound recording, cinematography, and editing!
  • Create your own incredible videos from scratch with a brand new understanding of filmmaking!
  • Understand timeless video principles that will stay with you in all projects, forever!
  • Gain a film school level understanding of conceptualizing, shooting, and editing a project!
  • Take an idea and fully translate it into your own unique style of video!
  • Expand your creativity though understanding essential filmmaking theories, principles, and ideas!
  • Produce amazing content without expensive equipment, it's about the person behind the equipment!
  • Use one of a kind downloadable PDF's to map out and track your career and video making progress!


This filmmaking course covers all the creative aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video.

If you are a beginner, youtuber, or filmmaker looking to successfully create awesome videos, then this course is made for you.

1. Creative & Personal Skill Development
Before I even dive into the filmmaking aspects, I explain the secrets other courses leave out. These principles act as a framework for your creativity to build on, which include:
• Self Discovery
• Optimized daily routine
• Life map and progress tracking
• Emulating others success
• Clarity of video production

2. Understanding Pre-Production
This step is one of the most crucial and misunderstood parts of creating an incredible video. Here I explain how to properly plan and develop your video before the production process, including:
• Guidelines that all films follow
• Pre-Production Process
• Research and Development
• Creating Characters, Story, and Shot list

3. Secrets of Production
This is my favorite part, I share the golden rules and timeless principles of filmmaking that will allow you to create incredible videos regardless of what equipment or editing software you are using. This portion will absolutely have the most impactful effect on your videos. A few of these techniques include:
• Mastering Your Lenses
• Key Principles of Lighting
• Sound Recording Fundamentals
• Filming Fundamentals
• Mastering the framing, shot choice, and camera movement

4. Mastering Post-Production
The most complex and time consuming part of any video is the post-production process. I shed some light on using this step to create an awesomely unique video that stands out among the sea of bland online content.
• Capturing, Organizing, and Creating a Rough Edit
• 4 Main Factors of Knowing When to Cut
• Matching Color, Shape, Movement
• Montage Essentials
• Color Correction and Color Grading

Who this course is for:
This course is for beginning to intermediate youtubers, video bloggers, filmers, editors, and all video creators!