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Udemy coupon code: Ultimate SEO Training 2020

This is Udemy course: Ultimate SEO Training 2020 - Learn SEO from scratch! Technical SEO, OnPage, Keyword Research, Backlinks. From Zero to Hero. Become a professional SEO

Instructor: Marcus Pentzek

Udemy coupon code: Ultimate SEO Training 2020

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What you'll learn

  • Have a proper understanding of SEO and will be able to optimize their websites.
  • Learn all important SEO-Basics
  • Learn how a Search Engine works
  • Learn that there are more Search Engines than you might think (that people actually use)
  • Learn about the difference of OnPage-, OnSite- and OffPage SEO
  • Learn about the difference of follow- and nofollow links
  • What are anchor texts and how do you classify them?
  • Learn how links other SEOs say are worthless will bring value to your website
  • I show you about market shares of the different Search Engines
  • What is PageRank, how important is it and why can you not rely on this metric any longer?
  • What is SEO Visibility and how can you use this metric for your SEO?
  • Understand what are Black Hat and what are White Hat tactics in SEO
  • Learn about what Google says about SEO and what is safe to do within Google Guidelines for webmasters
  • Learn how to control Google Index and how Google indexes your website
  • I will show you how Google changed the way they decided which pages shall rank on top - Google Updates over the years
  • You will learn how to use Canonicals, Hreflang, Structured data and robots_txt properly
  • I will show you which are the most important Ranking Factors and how to use them properly
  • Why are Ranking Factors not equal for every website
  • I will answer the question if Social Media signals are important Ranking Signals for Google
  • Learn what is important to rank well in Mobile Search as well
  • What can you do to benefit from Voice Search?
  • You will learn how to choose the right keywords to rank well
  • Learn about your users and how this knowledge will help you rank well
  • You will learn how to choose the right domain name
  • I will show you how to structure your website right
  • Experience how the server location can affect your rankings
  • Are SSL certificates worth the money and effort?
  • Do you need SEO plugins, extensions or modules for your Content Management System?
  • What you need to know about internal links and internal linking structure
  • I will help you to decide if Duplicate Content (internal as well as external) can hurt your website
  • I will show you how to deal with images in SEO
  • What is technical SEO and what is editorial SEO?
  • What are the most important OnPage ranking factors?
  • How can Links form other websites hurt your Rankings on Google and other websites?
  • Why Yandex decided to not value backlinks any more ... and why they still do
  • Learn to decide which links might hurt your SEO efforts and how to get rid of them
  • Learn how to create a Disavow file right
  • Learn how to interprete Google official statements right
  • Learn how to find the website you will like to get backlinks from
  • Learn how to leverage Content Marketing to gain links
  • Learn how to monitor your SEO efforts and success


This Ultimate SEO Course starts with elementary lessons. Every other week or so, I will add new lessons. With every new lesson added, this class is becoming more "Ultimate". It is different from other SEO courses on Youtube or Udemy. Instead of showing you how to optimize your website for better rankings on Google, this course will teach you how to optimize your website for your visitors - one of them being Google. The goal is not to trick your way up the search results but to earn your position no #1.

Different from many other courses here on Udemy, you will not learn to optimize your website using a specific content management system (CMS) like Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla or Drupal.

You will learn the real SEO hands on points, not dependent to any specific system. You will know what you really need to rank well and how you need to talk to your IT, content editors and CMS administrators. Let them decide which plugins to use or if they want to code something from the scratch. It doesn't matter which tools are being used. What really counts is the outcome - what do the search engines see - that is what you will learn in this course!

Go ahead - and send me comments and messages with real life SEO problems you might have. I will eventually answer them privately or build a new lesson from it to share with everyone.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to start with SEO
  • Anyone who wants to learn SEO the White Hat way
  • Anyone who wants to cooperate with Google & Co (and not game them)
  • Beginner SEOs
  • Experienced (but not yet professional) SEOs
  • Professional Online Marketers (but not yet professional SEOs)