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Free udemy coupon code: 2020 Google Ads (Adwords) Training Course For Beginners

This is udemy course: 2020 Google Ads (Adwords) Training Course For Beginners - Step By Step Course On How To Use Google Ads To Generate More Customers Online & Hit Your Sales Targets In 2020

Instructor: Shev D

Udemy coupon code 2020 Google Ads (Adwords) Training Course For Beginners

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What you'll learn

  • How To Effectively Structure A Google Ads account
  • How To Choose The Most Effective Keywords & Keyword Match Types
  • Ad Creation & How To Create Compelling Ads
  • How To Gain The Best Quality Score & Get The Lowest Cost Per Click
  • How To Build A Campaign Start To Finish
  • How To Optimise Your Google Ads Campaign
  • How To Add Remarketing Tag To Your Website & Create A Remarketing Campaign
  • How To Implement Call Tracking & Contact Form Submission Tracking


This course is delivered by Google certified practitioner Shev, who has 14 years experience of Google Ads experience. He has previously delivered face to face Google ads training and has now brought the course online.

What you will learn:
  • How to effectively structure a Google Ads account
  • How to choose the most effective keywords and keyword match types
  • Ad creation and how to create compelling ads
  • How to gain the best quality score and get the lowest cost per click
  • How to build a campaign start to finish including the correct settings to use.
  • How to optimise your Google Ads campaign
  • How to add remarketing tag to your website and create a remarketing campaign
  • How to implement call tracking and contact form submission tracking

Some testimonials of the course he has delivered face to face is shown below:

"Shev has worked with the School of Education at the University of Buckingham to optimise PPC campaigns and provide 1-1 expert training. Clear, simple guidance, without the jargon, has helped to streamline campaigns and his expert knowledge has improved campaigns across a whole suite of topics. Highly recommended!" - Sally Elvin - Head Of Marketing (University Of Buckinghamshire.)

"I went on Shev’s course which gave me a rudimentary knowledge of PPC. What impressed me more than their knowledge though was the delivery of the results. As a consequence of the course I have had more enquiries for new business via my website than at any time since I developed my webpage. Thank you!" - Jonathon Radcliff - Director (JMR Sales.)

We utilised Shev’s knowledge on a consultative basis when devising and implementing our Adwords PPC and re-marketing campaign. Early indications show a substantial increase in website traffic. I found Shev ultra professional to work with and their input extremely valuable. - John Shelley - Sales & Marketing (Langley Distribution.)

Who this course is for:
People who want to create and run Google Ads Campaigns