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Udemy Coupon Code: PCAP Certification : Python Practice Test

This is udemy course: PCAP Certification : Python Practice Test - All the topics for PCAP Certification are covered with detailed and clear explanation

Instructor: ProTeach Tech

Udemy Coupon Code: PCAP Certification : Python Practice Test

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Why Choose the PCAP Associate Exam Practice Test ?
Quality Python test content is extremely important to me so that you can perform extremely good in PCAP Exam . I ensure that all objectives of the exam are covered in depth so you'll be ready for any question on the exam. My Python practice tests are created from original PCAP Exam and the official PCAP practice test so that the level of questions and pattern can be maintained. I work hard to understand the exam objectives, taken the exam my selves before creating these practice tests. My quality content guarantees you to pass the PCAP Exam in flying colors.
Udemy Q and A feature helps you to clear your doubt from me
As the questions are similar to original PCAP exam there are 90% change of question coming similar from here only
You don't have to go and buy official PCAP practice test i have included those similar difficulty level questions here only
Questions are similar to exam questions so you test your knowledge of exam objectives
Detailed explanations correct answers

PCAP: Exam Information
Exam name: PCAP Certified Associate in Python Programming
Exam Code/Exam Version: PCAP-31-01 (retired), PCAP-31-02 (published)
Exam Level: Associate
Associated Certifications: PCPP | Certified Professional in Python Programming (PCPP-32-101 and PCPP-32-201) Coming 2020
Pre-requisites: None
Duration: 65 minutes (exam) + 10 minutes (Non-Disclosure Agreement/Tutorial)
Number of Questions: 40
Format: Single-choice and multiple-choice questions | Python 3.x
Passing Score: 70% (PCAP-31-02)

Topics Covered :-
Data Types
For Loop
While Loop
File Handling
Recursive Function
Exception Handling
Date and time Modules

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are preparing for python certification exams
  • Highly recommended for the students who are preparing for PCAP Certification Associate
  • Even these practice test are useful for those also who are preparing for MTA 98 - 381 or Microsoft Python Certification
  • Student who want to test there python skills