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Udemy Coupon Code: Accounting - From Beginner to Expert in 3 hours

This is udemy course: Accounting - From Beginner to Expert in 3 hours - Learn accounting from key terms and double entry concept to the preperation of financial statements

Instructor: Irfan Sharif

Udemy Coupon Code 2020 Accounting - From Beginner to Expert in 3 hours

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What you'll learn
  • Understand Accounting terms & reports
  • Classify and Record the Transactions
  • Prepare and use main Accounting Reports
  • Understand the input & output GST
This course has been designed to introduce Accounting to students,  non-accounting professionals, and business owners. This course will introduce you to the world of Accounting, recording of accounting transactions, and preparation of the reports.

The course will cover:
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Why Accounting has to follow rules and what are the accounting standards?
  • What are the different types of Accounting and what information is produced by each?
  • Accounting terms
  • Cash and Accrual Accounting
  • Double-entry concept
  • General Ledger and Chart of Accounts
  • Trial Balance and Financial Statements
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation
  • Intangible Assets and Amortization
  • GST and its Accounting treatment

This built of the course is fairly easy, the format is beautifully designed interesting interactive video, the course flows from basis to Accounting to the preparation of financial statements first and then the more complex and frequently used areas of Accounting have been dealt with. This course also covers various practical concepts that are quite useful when you are maintaining your books in accounting software. In short, in the next 3 hours, you will be able to understand all the basic aspects of Accounting that you need to know to well handle your business financials.

Introduction to the instructor:
I am a Certified Chartered Accountant with 12 years of professional work and teaching experience and have taught more than 4000 students! I have implemented accounting software and ERP at various organizations and have expertise in financial transformation. I have been leading accountancy practice for small and medium-sized entities for the last 4 months and have frequent interaction with entrepreneurs. So I know what exactly do entrepreneurs need to know to well manage their books. 

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non Financial Managers
  • New Accountancy Students
  • Students