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Free Udemy Course: Build Your Own NetApp Storage Lab, For Free!

Free Udemy Course: Build Your Own NetApp Storage Lab, For Free! - How to build a complete NetApp ONTAP lab for free on your laptop.

Instructor: Neil Anderson

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What you'll learn
Practice configuring and testing almost all NetApp features using your own free lab.

This course walks you through how to build a fully ready and complete NetApp simulator lab from scratch, using NetApp’s latest operating system ONTAP 9.

The lab features two NetApp simulator clusters with Windows and Linux clients in separate IP subnets to make it as close to a real world environment as possible... and best of all you can build and run the lab completely for free, all you need is a PC to run it on.

We cover step by step where to find all the software for free, how to build the NetApp simulators, the Windows and Linux clients, the VMware setup and how to configure the networking.

Almost all NetApp features can be practised and tested using the lab. You can use it as a study tool or for testing features before deploying them in your production environment.

The lab build outlined in the book is the same one I use for the hands-on demonstrations in my NetApp training videos. You can use the instructions in this course to build your own lab and follow along with me.

I hope you can make use of this course to expand your storage knowledge and further your career.

Who this course is for:
IT professionals or enthusiasts who want hands-on practice with NetApp storage systems.