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Full Stack Programming for Complete Beginners in Python

Full Stack Programming for Complete Beginners in Python

Udemy Course: Full Stack Programming for Complete Beginners in Python
- Programming for complete beginners in python, along with pyqt5, mongoDB and software engineering basics

Instructor: Abdul Rauf

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What you'll learn

  • Programming Principles
  • Programming in Python
  • Implementing mongoDB with python
  • Creating graphical user interfaces
  • Implementing graphical user interfaces with python using PyQt5
  • Software Engineering principles
  • Software Engineering principles
  • Making full stack desktop applications


In this course you will learn programming from a complete beginner's perspective in python. Not only that, you will learn frontend development in python with pyqt5 and database programming with mongoDB in python. As a bonus you will get to know basics of software engineering.

What you will Learn
Programming in Python
Frontend/ Graphical User Interfaces with Python
Databases with MongoDB

Why Python?
Python is a multipurpose programming language which can be used for almost any task, it is used a lot in web development and machine learning and is a must have in the modern programmer's toolkit
Besides programming in python pyqt5 is also taught which is a frontend library for developing high quality user interfaces using python. It also has a drag and drop interface which we will use to create user friendly programs in this course.
MongoDB is also taught which is a very versatile noSql database solution.
Software engineering basics taught are essential to every developer, we take a little look into it so the students know about software engineering and what it’s major modules are.

How the Course is taught
High Quality Video Lectures with Hands on practice.
Code given alongside

Software Engineering Basics
Access to our discord server for asking questions and discussing problems with your fellow students